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Eli Aksen

Growing up, Eli wanted to play drums as long as he remembers himself. with over 15yrs of experience now, he has been trained professionally by some of Sacramento’s top professors. His experience is diverse, covering styles from jazz and pop, to gospel and classical percussion. As for teaching style, Eli is all about technique, musicality, professionalism, and motivation. He believes it is the key to success and long-term career. His influences range from drummers like John Jr Robinson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, and Eric Moore. He is an extremely passionate teacher and is committed to building strong foundations for his students.

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Eli’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.

Kit: TAMA Starclassic
1. 5×14 2002 DW Collector’s Series All-Maple Shell Snare Drum
2. 8×12 Rack Tom
3. 14×14 Floor Tom
4. 16×18 Bass drum
1. 20″ Paiste Signature Series Dry Ride
2. 18″ Paiste Signature Series Full Crash
3. 14″ Paiste Signature Series Medium Hi-Hat
Heads: Aquarian Modern Vintage
Hardware: Dw 7000 series
Sticks: VicFirth 5A Barrel, & VicFirth Heritage Brushes