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Courtney Miller

Courtney “Fuego” Miller is a Drummer, Educator, and respected Musician residing in Sacramento, California by the way of Louisville, Kentucky. Known as the “Pocket King” of the West he has gained notoriety playing a variety of genres from jazz, fusion, funk, hip-hop, gospel, and r&b. Not only leading the audience with his groove but making headway for more opportunities as he progresses in his career. Having recently toured with the artist The Philharmonik on the North American tour opening for the artist Hobo Johnson. Playing across the United States in places such as: The Playstation Theatre, First Ave, The Pageant, The Aztec Theatre and almost every House of Blues in the U.S. and Canada.

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Tamara’s Setup

Kit: Sonor Force 5700
1. 8×14 Mapex Black Pather Snare
2. 8×12 Rack Tom
3. 14×14 Floor Tom
4. 18×16Bass drum
1. 20″ Zildjan K Series Dry Ride
2. 19″ Supernatural Divine Series Crash
3. 16” Zildjan Hi-Hat
Heads: Remo Color Tone
Hardware: Mixed
Sticks: Vater Recording Series