89 percent of people report better mental health after picking up a new musical instrument.

Learning how to play an instrument is a great way to tap into your inner creativity. More than just a hobby, learning music can increase your sense of satisfaction and happiness. 

If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, this guide will go through 5  benefits of learning music. No matter which instrument you choose, we’ll outline some powerful perks to help you get started. 

1. Playing an Instrument Boosts Creativity

When you start playing a new instrument, you’ll learn the basics of reading music and recreating simple scales and melodies. The more you play, the more you’ll build up your musical knowledge. Soon, you’ll be learning to play your favorite songs.

The more you get to know your instrument, whether it’s a guitar or piano, the more you’ll want to learn new songs. This also means that you will be able to create your own music.

Music is a popular art form because you can use your instrument to create something uniquely beautiful. Whether you’re putting a spin on a popular song or creating new music, nobody can play like you.

2. Practicing an Instrument Improves Discipline

It’s no wonder why many parents encourage their children to pick up the piano. Learning a new instrument calls for consistent practice, and staying motivated to maintain a practice ritual takes discipline.

As a beginner, building practice motivation can feel daunting. The important thing is to build up consistency and to have a supportive instructor

The more you play, the more you’ll improve your musical ability. This will lead to mastering both your instrument and your willpower. 

3. Playing Music Makes You Healthier

It turns out that playing an instrument can be healthy! Studies show that music gives your body a boost of antibodies, which helps to strengthen your immune system.

The health effects of playing an instrument don’t stop there. Playing music has also been shown to reduce stress and promote calmness.

The benefits of learning music go beyond developing creative skills to promote a greater sense of overall well-being.

4. Playing an Instrument Builds Confidence

One of the major benefits of learning music is that you can easily measure your progress. As you play, you’ll be able to hear your improvement. 

Once you get into the groove of your instrument, you will be able to play faster, more intricate melodies with increased confidence. After some practice, you can also share your talents with an audience. 

Consistently playing a new instrument is a great way to develop your confidence. Playing in front of others will raise your self-esteem as a musician and performer. 

5. Learning a New Instrument Is Fun

Learning to play an instrument is never boring. You’re constantly learning new things, from reading music to developing your hand-eye coordination.

 Listening to your favorite song playing from your own instrument is a one-of-a-kind feeling. It’s also incredibly fun! 

You’re more likely to stick to a new hobby if you enjoy it. That’s why the best reason to pick up the piano or guitar can also be the simplest: musicians just want to have fun. 

Reasons to Play an Instrument

Whether you’re looking to boost your creativity or have more fun, there are many reasons to learn to play an instrument. It’s only a matter of finding the instrument that speaks to you.

If you’re ready to learn a new instrument, Music Lab Natomas offers music lessons with highly trained instructors for bass, drums, piano, guitar, and vocals. 

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