Did you know that Ann Rabson was 35 years old when she started learning the piano? The famous blues musician is proof that you don’t have to be a child to learn to play the piano as a professional.

Whether you want to play jazz, classical, or another genre, you can do what you set your mind to. Then, you can start to share your musical ideas with the world.

Consider why learning to play piano as an adult may help you become a professional more easily.

More Focus

If you want to learn to play the piano as an adult, you have some advantages over a child. For one, you’re learning to play because you want to and not because your parents are making you.

That can make it easier for you to want to practice and improve your skills. You may also look forward to taking private lessons with a good piano teacher.

And if your goal is to play the piano professionally, you can focus on that. You won’t have to balance piano lessons with school or other extracurriculars, so you may be able to play better sooner.

Greater Reach

The most basic piano music doesn’t require a huge reach. However, as you advance, you may need to play a scale in octaves, so you’d use your thumb to play one of the notes and the pinky for the other.

For a child, this can be tough, and it can lead to a lot of straining and tension. When you’re an adult though, your hands are larger, so wider intervals will be much easier to execute, especially if you practice consistently.

Whether you want to focus on scales or sonatas, it’s nice to be able to reach farther. Plus, you’ll be able to reach farther up and down the keyboard, so you can play more pieces without having to stretch or move too much.

Musical Experience Helps

Not all adults learning the piano will have played an instrument, but it helps if you have. For one, you will already know some music theory, so you just have to focus on learning the treble and bass clefs.

Knowing how to play another instrument may also help you exercise your fingers. Whether you’ve played a woodwind or a string instrument, that experience can help you get a head start on the piano.

However, you don’t need to have musical experience to learn to play the piano professionally.

Other Responsibilities

While there are multiple things that can help you learn to play the piano as an adult, other things can make it harder. For one, you may have other responsibilities, such as work or a family to raise.

On the one hand, this can limit your practice time. However, that means you’ll have to learn how to practice and learn music efficiently.

So when you do have more time to practice, you can get even better than a child or teenager.

Learn to Play the Piano the Right Way

If you want to switch careers and go into music, you should learn to play the piano. While it’s not as common for adults to learn and go pro, it’s possible.

You have some advantages, like larger hands and more focus. However, you also have to balance work or other obligations that kids don’t have.

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