Has your child expressed interest in learning an instrument? Did you know that according to LearningPotential.gov, studies have linked enhanced brain function to children who are engaged in music?

There are many different types of musical activities children can learn. However, some are naturally more difficult than others.

If you’re looking for music lessons in Natomas and your child isn’t sure what instrument they want to learn, this guide will help you determine the easiest instrument to learn for kids.

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1. Drums

A drum kit or drum set is a percussion instrument that many children feel drawn to. Unlike other instruments that are more tedious, drums allow children to be loud and let loose.

That being said, playing the drums does require hard work and patience because they are the glue that holds the music together.

By taking drum lessons from an experienced music teacher, your child will have a strong sense of rhythm and timing by learning how to keep the beat of the song.

2. Piano/Keyboard

Another popular instrument for children to learn is the piano which is a stringed acoustic instrument. Piano may be complex for some children, but others will naturally feel drawn to it.

You can start by buying your child a keyboard to see if it piques their interest. If so, you can then choose to enroll them in piano lessons.

The great thing about piano lessons is that your child’s music instructor will teach them how to read music. If your child struggles with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, playing the piano or keyboard may also help them improve in those areas.

3. Recorder

Most people remember owning a recorder at some point during their childhood. A recorder is a woodwind instrument and has a similar appearance to a flute.

However, learning the recorder is a far easier alternative for children and will get them used to playing a woodwind instrument. They will be able to learn proper breath control and improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

In the future, your child may be able to transition to another woodwind instrument more easily since the recorder will teach them the basics.

4. Singing

Who says music lessons have to involve a physical instrument? If you hear your child frequently singing or humming tunes around the house, voice lessons might be for them.

Voice lessons will help children discover their vocal range and teach them the proper vocal warm-ups and techniques to avoid vocal damage.

Likewise, voice lessons can also boost your child’s confidence and public speaking skills.

5. Guitar or Bass

The guitar and bass guitar are awesome string instruments for children to learn. Like the piano, they can be difficult to get the hang of but learning them at a young age can make a huge difference.

Guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons will teach you music theory and how to play chords, scales, arpeggios, etc.

The guitar and bass guitar are also fantastic instruments for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Easiest Instrument to Learn for Kids

This guide should help you determine the easiest instrument to learn for kids. All in all, every child is different, and what might be easier for some might not be easier for others.

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